Our Services


Ley Piano Company has over three decades of experience moving pianos of every shape and size. Call or email and our professional piano movers will help safely deliver your piano to its new home. Click to request a quote


Our professional piano tuners help customers maintain their pianos’ full playing potential. When you contact us we can schedule an appointment to regain the lively, beautiful sound of your piano. Click to request a quote


From the intricacies of action to the careful engineering of the soundboard to the precise sheen of exterior finish, we know pianos inside and out. We are happy to help maintain your piano in optimum condition. Click to request a quote


We love the challenge of restoring a piano to its full beauty. When you call for an appointment we promise that our attention to detail and our long tradition of quality piano care will give your piano new life. Click to request a quote


Moving? Renovating your home? No need to risk damage to your piano, you can leave it to piano professionals. Call or email and we will gladly store your instrument in a climate controlled, piano friendly environment. Click to request a quote


Our experienced piano technicians are familiar with the full range of pianos available on the market. They have the knowledge and skill to assess and repair pianos of all kinds. Call to schedule a visit from one of our friendly technicians and for a full written assessment of your piano. Click to request a quote


Though we are happy to do all we can, after years of music and enjoying their presence, the day may come to say goodbye to a piano. We offer safe, humane piano pick up and disposal. Call or email us for a quote. Click to request a quote