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Making Monserrat Pianos

Ley Piano Company invites you to share in the experience of our classic, handcrafted, Tucson-born Monserrat Pianos. Monserrat exhibits qualities found only in high-performance, heirloom pianos: classic beauty, great performance, superior sound, and serviceability.


Monserrat features a custom-designed scale, hand-built bridges, and premier-quality hammers and strings combined through exacting and uncompromising American skill.  The result is a grand piano of complete responsiveness in touch and sound whether the performer seeks power, sustain, or a delicate trill.


Our craftsmen at Ley Piano Company have decades of experience and are known for the superior level of their work. Limited production ensures each piano is given full attention by this handful of specialists who are devoted to precision in every detail of the pianos that are crafted in our Tucson piano shop.


Ask about what features set Monserrat above other pianos of comparable cost.

We welcome your support in our effort to bring Monserrat into the great legacy of American-made, performance-quality pianos.

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